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Desk Riser Blocks

How annoying is it having a desk or table that isn’t the right height?

If you're not quite there yet with saving for a height adjustable desk, then here is a cheaper alternative solution. 

Desk Riser Blocks offer a quick, easy and affordable solution to that problem. These interlocking plastic blocks can safely stack up to three times (each giving 25mm extra height) and simply slot into the desk’s feet to raise it up by the height of your choosing.

Plus. inset recesses in the circular design of the blocks allow for various size levelling, so your desk is never off balance. 

Sold in a pack of 4 - rasing your desk by 25mm 

Stacking a maximum of 3 high - obtaining an 75mm extra height for your desk/table. 

Product details:

  • Easily raise fixed-height desks by 25 mm, 50 mm or 75 mm (1”, 2” or 3”)

  • Stackable 1, 2 or 3 high for each foot

  • Also accepts straight cantilever desk legs

Product specifications:

  • Tough and durable recycled plastic in black

  • Supplied in sets of four 25 mm blocks

  • Circular in shape with 90mm recesses


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